Weekend Project: Tie and belt rack

This was a quick weekend project to organize my ties and belts. A few months back I installed new closet systems and I haven’t had a good way to hang my ties or belts since.

I started with 6 pieces of reclaimed pallet wood. Using the table saw to joint the sides, I got everything square. Then a quick glue-up, rough sanding, and dark stain.

After the stain dried, I started on the Shaper Origin part of the project. I screwed the workpiece down to the waste board and put on a bunch of location tape. The trick here is to the point the Origin at the center of the workpiece as you move around the edges. They always seem to demonstrate the Origin with the tape running horizontal, but it works in any orientation. This kept my waste to a minimum.

After cutting my design, I added a decorative strip of maple using both CA glue and wood glue. The CA will hold it quickly and the wood glue will give it strength. Of course, the nails going through will also hold everything together.

Here it is mounted in my closet. I wanted to dress it up a little bit which is why there’s a hexagon design. I used a piece of 1/2″ plywood to make a quick french cleat on the back and to make the rack stand proud of the wall.

I think it’s going to work great and I can’t wait for the final coat of finish to dry so I can start using it!