Synsonics Pro Project – Part 2, Frets and cleanup

What a difference 2 hours makes!

First thing I did was pull out the last bits of the old nut and take a small needle file to the nut slot to clean things out and level out the bottom. It looks like the nut originally had a flat base so that’s what I’m putting in. I dropped the new nut in for now and I’ll do the final string height adjustments when I get the guitar back together and some strings on.

But before I put the nut back, I had to do something with these frets. First, a few cranks on the truss rod to get this bad boy flat. Then some 500 grit sandpaper on a leveling beam and a crowning file later, and wouldn’t you know it, a very flat fretboard and fret tops. I then took a buffing pad on my dremel to the fret and brought them up to a nice shine. These things feel smooooooth. Honestly, I can’t believe how much better the neck/fretboard feels now.

After making the frets all happy, some cleaner and fret board conditioner finish things off. I’m just waiting on a reamer to show up so I can install the tuning machines.

So I turn my attention to the body. Pulling off the pickguard and bridge saddles gives me a chance to do some cleaning. The pots and switch get some Deoxit, whether they want it or not. (but they did want it) Checking things on the amp, now I’m not hearing any scratches, all the pots work, feel smooth, etc. Don’t forget to check for plastic under the knobs. One knob was making a weird sound, like the pot was going, but in fact it was just old pickguard plastic protector rubbing against the knob. I’m waiting on the new Switchcraft jack to show up tomorrow. Once I get that soldered in, the body is ready to go.

So I figure I’ve got another hour worth of work to get the tuners installed, adjust the nut/string heights, fix the intonation and call it done.