Synsonics Pro Project – Finished!

All in all, this repair and setup took me about 4 hours to do. Here’s the list of what was done:

  • Fret level, dress, and polish
  • Adjusted truss rod for proper relief
  • Installed and adjusted new Graphtech Tusq XL nut
  • Installed new Wilkinson Tuners
  • Installed new Switchcraft 1/4″ jack
  • Cleaned pots/electronics
  • Adjusted intonation at the bridge
  • Set proper string height

Would I recommend doing all of these repairs/setup at a professional for this kind of guitar? No.

You would be much better served to spend $400 on a Mexican Strat or similarly priced guitar new than to fix up something like this. But I did this work for a friend and I wanted the practice at setting up and repairing a strat-style guitar.