Quick pedal board you can build yourself

Here’s a quick pedal board you can build yourself in an hour or two. I built this out of wood I had on hand. Most of the stock was approximately 3/4″ thick. This thickness will keep things from flexing too much when I stomp on the pedals themselves. For this I used walnut, poplar and maple because it’s what I had. A few quick passes through the table saw and miter saw got everything down to the dimensions required. I’ve attached a photo with the final important dimensions scribbled on top if you want to make your own. The inside width is 15″ on mine. All the wood is glued and screwed. I used 2″ brass wood screws on the top pieces. The supporting rails have three 1 1/2″ screws. Just need to add velcro and I’m ready to go.

And here’s the final version with the velcro and pedals applied: