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Noisy Gibson P90 Soapbar Pickups

So ever since I’ve had my 2015 Gibson Les Paul Special Double-cut, the soapbar P90 pickups have always been very noisy. They were making much more noise than the single coil pickups on my Strat. A lot of that noise…..

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Lots of sanding update

A couple of hours of sanding with more to go. I’m sanding the guitar up to 320 grit before applying the finish. I’ll be using Tru-Oil for this finish. The first coat will be applied with 1000 grit wet/dry sandpaper……

Progress Photos after carving

Here are some progress photos after carving and routing out the control cavity:

Guitar build progress update

As you can probably tell from the photo above, I’ve made a good bit of progress on the guitar in the past two weekends. The weekend before last, I was able to get the body planed down and the shape…..

Early morning guitar body glue up

There will be a video of this build, but here’s a little taste of the start. This is a slab of 6/4 walnut, about 90+ years old. Using my No. 5 Bailey plane, I squared off the glue edge on…..

Build a compact and cheap router table with a Kreg plate

I wanted a router table, but I didn’t want to dedicate the floor space to a full table on casters. My router is an older Makita 3606 which doesn’t match up to any of the current pre-drilled router table plates……

Modified body shape

So I’ve been tweaking the shape of the guitar body. It always amazes me how little changes affect the look of the guitar so dramatically. I just think back to those designers working on the Strat or Les Paul and…..

My Jimmy DiResta Tribute Video!

Neck Arrived!

My Warmoth neck arrived in the mail yesterday. The first thing I will say is I’m impressed with what I received. It’s always a little troubling when ordering something so personal without being able to touch it first. It’s not…..

Testing out the better display

So I upgraded the display I’m going to use to a 128×64 display with backlight from New Haven Displays. The model I’m using is the NHD-C12864A1Z-FSB-FBW-HTT ($21 on their site, so nice and inexpensive) This display has the ST7565 controller already…..

Custom Guitar – First mockup

I’ve decided I want a guitar I can tweak and play with that I’m not scared if something goes wacky and needs to be fixed/replaced. I ordered a neck from Warmoth. Since this is my first guitar build, I’m definitely…..