New tools, new toys

Over the past few weeks I’ve been hard at work getting my garage set up to be my workshop. Here is a list of my improvements:

  1. Tool hangers on walls to get tools and bikes off the floor
  2. Built a quick sail loft above one garage door
  3. New wood on workbenches to provide a better surface to work
  4. New shelving system to organize garage items and make room for more tools
  5. Peg board on the back wall to organize tools
  6. Wired in a new electrical socket to power shop light and big power strip
  7. Hung new LED shop light and power strip
  8. Added casters to my workbench to make it quick and easy to move around

Tools that were either gifted or purchased:

  1. Makita 3606 router (used, replaced power cord and strain relief, thanks Dad)
  2. DeWalt miter saw
  3. Table saw on fold up stand with wheels
  4. Set of Stanley Sweetheart chisels (thanks Bro)
  5. New Japanese saws
  6. Combo square, bevel, mallet
  7. New workbench vise
  8. Shop vacuum
  9. Stanley No. 5 bench plane, type 18 (needs to be restored, thanks Dad)
  10. Block plane (thanks Dad)
  11. And various other small items

So now what? Well, it’s winter so the yard is probably too wet to work much outside, so it’s indoor projects. First item on the list is a king sized platform bed. My wife and I need more room with upcoming family changes, so a nice wide bed will be nice. Then some other furniture type items to help build out my wife’s craft area, improve storage, upgrade the living room, etc.

Of course, when I’m not working in the garage, I’ll be working on a computer. I also just go my Raspberry Pi Zero. It’s amazing what $5 will get these days. I think my Starbucks cost about that amount after tax… I haven’t quite figured out a good home for it, so I’m going to play for a while and see what this little thing is capable of.

Lot of projects in my head for 2016…