New Tool Day! Shaper Origin

Last night I received my Shaper Origin. For those unfamiliar, it’s a handheld CNC router. It basically works like a router where the templates are stored in the onboard computer and servos in the tool auto-correct the position of the cutting bit while you’re moving around the design. It uses this stuff called “shaper tape” which allows the device via computer vision to understand where it is on the workpiece.

Creating the design files is pretty easy. Using different colors you tell the Origin whether you want to cut inside the line, outside the line, or on the line. Also you can add blue lines to your design to help guide and position the design on the workpiece. Here’s my design for my test piece. The blue lines allow me to center the design on the wood and position it correctly.

And here’s the finished test piece. There’s a bit of squiggle because I didn’t set up the design perfectly for the cutting bit I was using, but that’s what it’s a test!