My soldering skills aren’t that bad

When I purchased my Adafruit kit, I also purchased the 5110 Nokia LCD screen and Triple-axis Magnetometer (Compass) Board – HMC5883L. Both of these breakout boards require that you solder on header in order to plug in to the breadboard. I haven’t soldering in a long time and I don’t remember being that good. Part of that I attribute to having a poor iron. I purchased a 30 watt variable temperature soldering iron with a small chisel tip (thanks to Norm and Will at for the “tip”). With the proper iron and the chisel tip, soldering on the headers was a breeze.

Of course it helps soldering to the right pins. I didn’t read ahead far enough when getting ready to test the LCD and soldered the header to the wrong set of pins. That gave me a chance to test my de-soldering skills…

I don’t have video of testing the magnetometer, but it was a matter of plugging in a few leads and loading the test file/sketch provided by Adafruit. Worked perfectly out of the box.

Same story with the LCD screen. Solder on the header, hook up the LCD and IC according to the instructions, load the libraries to the Adruino IDE, load up the sketch and this is what you get:

This won’t be the display I ultimate use to build my “production” version of the compass. This is just a low-cost display so I can understand and develop my display libraries for working with a graphic LCD instead of a character LCD. My plan is to use a larger, touch-enabled LCD for the production version.