Guitar Updates – Tuners and headstocks

Since I’m seemingly never satisfied with my guitars and that I feel a deep desire to modify them, I’ve been making some small but substantial updates over the past few days.

On my custom walnut guitar, I was getting annoyed at the height of the saddles on my bridge. When playing in certain positions, the corner of the low-E saddle was digging into my hand. The only solution was to route the neck pocket deeper so I could lower the saddles and keep the action at the same height. It was a nerve wracking minor surgery. It always feels a bit off to take a router to a finished project, but it had to be done.

While the neck was off, I took the opportunity to sand the back to 1000 grit to make it feel super smooth. I also worked on the inlay I made with a year ago. I took my personal logo and had it printed in nickel. I made it just oversized from my forstner bit so with a bit of sanding, I could get a super tight fit without any gaps around the edge. I think it really made the headstock look classy:

And for another quick upgrade, I wanted to swap out the tuners on my Gibson Les Paul Special. Mine had come with the robo-tuners installed from the factory. I never had a particular issue with the robo-tuners except I would have to lookup how to restring the guitar because I would forget the button sequence. And really, I’m not swapping out tunings that often so really, they weren’t doing much for me and they’re pretty ugly.

I swapped out the tuners for some super sleek HipShot open back tuners. The headstock looks loads better and I think I saved a bit of weight as well.