Christmas gifts made with the Shaper Origin

Here are three different gifts I made this holiday season with my new Shaper Origin.

The picture frame is made out of pau ferro and curly maple. I carved the words in with the engraving bit to give it angled sides to all the cuts.

The Team StraitJacket is a solid piece of walnut with my team’s logo carved in using the 1/16″ bit. I needed to use the small bit to deal with the tight corners and details. It seems like 1/16″ is the smallest bit you can find with a 1/4″ shank. Any smaller and you would need a collet reducer.

The last item is the Christmas ornament I designed for our family this year. I carved it using the 1/8″ bit at two different depths. After some finish was applied I drilled tiny 1/32″ holes and added fiber optics with an LED to put “lights” on the ornament. With a regular button cell battery, it seems like these things go for at least 4 days.