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Noisy Gibson P90 Soapbar Pickups

So ever since I’ve had my 2015 Gibson Les Paul Special Double-cut, the soapbar P90 pickups have always been very noisy. They were making much more noise than the single coil pickups on my Strat. A lot of that noise…..

Synsonics Pro Project – Part 2, Frets and cleanup

What a difference 2 hours makes! First thing I did was pull out the last bits of the old nut and take a small needle file to the nut slot to clean things out and level out the bottom. It…..

Synsonics Pro Project – Part 1

A friend of mine came to me to see if I could help her fix and improve her husband’s guitar so he could play it again. Apparently he really enjoyed playing this guitar, but some things have broken on it…..

Build a compact and cheap router table with a Kreg plate

I wanted a router table, but I didn’t want to dedicate the floor space to a full table on casters. My router is an older Makita 3606 which doesn’t match up to any of the current pre-drilled router table plates……

New tools, new toys

Over the past few weeks I’ve been hard at work getting my garage set up to be my workshop. Here is a list of my improvements: Tool hangers on walls to get tools and bikes off the floor Built a…..