New Pickup for my Epiphone 335

After comparing the sound of my Epiphone 335 Pro to a Epiphone Sheraton with a Gibson Classic 57 pickup, I decided the tone on the neck pickup sucked and I needed to make some upgrades. Luckily I had a Seymour Duncan Seth Lover Neck pickup laying around waiting for the next build, so I decided … Read more

Synsonics Pro Project – Finished!

All in all, this repair and setup took me about 4 hours to do. Here’s the list of what was done: Fret level, dress, and polish Adjusted truss rod for proper relief Installed and adjusted new Graphtech Tusq XL nut Installed new Wilkinson Tuners Installed new Switchcraft 1/4″ jack Cleaned pots/electronics Adjusted intonation at the … Read more

Guitar Updates – Tuners and headstocks

Since I’m seemingly never satisfied with my guitars and that I feel a deep desire to modify them, I’ve been making some small but substantial updates over the past few days. On my custom walnut guitar, I was getting annoyed at the height of the saddles on my bridge. When playing in certain positions, the … Read more