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Project: OpenCompass

Testing out the better display

So I upgraded the display I’m going to use to a 128×64 display with backlight from New Haven Displays. The model I’m using is the NHD-C12864A1Z-FSB-FBW-HTT ($21 on their site, so nice and inexpensive) This display has the ST7565 controller already…..

Ready to start prototyping

Ok, I’ve hooked up the LCD and compass breakout boards to my breadboard and ran test scripts on both to make sure both components are running. Now it’s time to do some coding! As far as features go, I don’t…..

My soldering skills aren’t that bad

When I purchased my Adafruit kit, I also purchased the 5110 Nokia LCD screen and Triple-axis Magnetometer (Compass) Board – HMC5883L. Both of these breakout boards require that you solder on header in order to plug in to the breadboard. I…..

Experimenting with my Adafruit Kit

  I have a plan to build my own electronic compass for my sailboat. The idea of spending $500 on something I can make myself (while learning new things) just seems silly. I started this project with the Adafruit ARDX…..