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Another Shaper Origin project: Valet tray

Here’s my first project working with the Shaper export tool inside of Fusion 360. This is a valet tray about 6 inches long by 4 inches tall. The wood I used is pau ferro (also known as morado, which…..

Weekend Project: Tie and belt rack

This was a quick weekend project to organize my ties and belts. A few months back I installed new closet systems and I haven’t had a good way to hang my ties or belts since. I started with 6 pieces…..

Christmas gifts made with the Shaper Origin

Here are three different gifts I made this holiday season with my new Shaper Origin. The picture frame is made out of pau ferro and curly maple. I carved the words in with the engraving bit to give it angled…..

New Tool Day! Shaper Origin

Last night I received my Shaper Origin. For those unfamiliar, it’s a handheld CNC router. It basically works like a router where the templates are stored in the onboard computer and servos in the tool auto-correct the position of the…..

Quick portable speaker from spare parts (guitar amp and phone speaker)

I had a set of old computer speakers laying around. I thought to myself, “What could I do with these?”. Then it came to me. Mini amp! At first I tried to use the amplifier IC that was on the…..

Quick pedal board you can build yourself

Here’s a quick pedal board you can build yourself in an hour or two. I built this out of wood I had on hand. Most of the stock was approximately 3/4″ thick. This thickness will keep things from flexing too…..

Check out my Etsy store

After the Christmas rush of making gifts for family and friends, I ended up with one or two items that were extra. I decided I wanted to set up an Etsy shop to sell these items. To help me build…..

Ubis 13S Hot End Review for the Printrbot Simple Metal

Almost two years ago, I purchased a PrintrBot Simple Metal kit for my family with the heated bed option. For 3D printers, this kit provided an inexpensive way to get into 3D printing. It shipped with the original Ubis ceramic…..

Walnut Picture Frame

I wanted to create a unique gift for my father-in-law for his 70th birthday. Not long ago he gave me a number of pieces of walnut, most of it at least 90 years old. He also gave me an old…..

Simple tablet stand

Here’s another tablet stand I created. Some nice live-edge walnut. I did the inlay with a piece I printed in white PLA from my printer, then filled with blue crushed glass, glow-in-the-dark powder and epoxy.